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The MX stationary boom system – A summary

MX Baustelle Dubai
The factor of time is playing an increasingly important role in concrete placement for major projects. When the reach and options of truck-mounted concrete pumps are insufficient, stationary booms are able to offer efficient concrete placement. Used together with stationary concrete pumps, they provide high-performance and practical solutions. They reduce the time required for placing the concrete and increase productivity.

The MX standardised modular design represents the most versatile application segment in Putzmeister’s stationary boom range: booms with 16 to 50 m reach, with or without a counterweight (up to 34 m) depending on the requirements of the construction site, for climbing formwork or for freestanding construction sites or even self-climbing, e.g. in the lift shaft. In the initial phase, the freestanding boom, mounted on a tubular column or lattice tower, is used to concrete the base plate and the first floor. Putzmeister stationary booms can be mounted on rectangular columns or lattice booms, as appropriate for the situation on the construction site. Following this initial phase, the climbing boom uses the integrated lifting equipment to move up through the floors and shafts to the height of the higher floors still to be constructed. On large construction sites, the displaceable boom can be moved from one tubular column to another using the quick release system.

 For every jobsite the ideal reach
 Boom length   Tubular column  Lattice- tower  No. of arms  Reach Quick release  Gross weight without/with quick release   Heaviest indiv. weith with quick release
 MX 24-4  ♦    4  23,8      5800 / 6500   5800 / 3500
 MX 28-4  ♦  ♦  4  27,7  √  - / 8400     4400
 MX 32-4  ♦  ♦  4  31,6  √  - / 9000     4900
 MX 34-4    ♦  4  33,7     8100    5900
 MX 38-4    ♦  4  38,0    11000  11000
 MX 42-4    ♦  4  41,4    15350  4700
 MX 50-4    ♦  4  49,9   19650  9450 
 ♦  = possible,  = no quick release, √  =  quick release


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