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Mining is a crucial field of activity for Putzmeister industrial technology. Above and below ground, there is a lot to be moved, including flotation dumps and tailings, REA gypsum, electrofilter ash and tailings from gold ore processing through to red mud, salt mud or mine water. But as varied as the applications may be, Putzmeister industrial  technology is able to provide the right solution.

For example, large volume KOS and HSP pumps are often used for backfilling jobs in mining (tailings).

We use HSP seat valve pumps for high-rise sludge pumping and for mine water removal.

All machines share the same high performance and reliability in the harsh mining environment. Be it heat, dust, humidity or vibrations – nothing can trip them up that quickly. Their power reserves in terms of delivery rate and delivery pressure guarantee a high level of reliability. This is backed up by Putzmeister engineers providing customers with advice based on specialist knowledge, which makes them experts in their field with whom you are in safe hands!

KOS – hydraulic piston pump with S transfer tube
KOS - double piston pump >>
HSP –oil-hydraulic piston pump with hydraulically actuated seat valves 
HSP - hydraulic seat valve pump >>


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