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As a developing and learning organisation, Putzmeister has a supportive structure in the faith of development of his employees.

We implement internal and external training programmes to improve the technical knowledge and personal skills of our employees, in the frame of our annual training plan. It is possible to have practical trainings in Putzmeister Germany plants or in another Putzmeister plants world-wide.

Putzmeister Academy
Putzmeister “International Training Programme” is created to share technical and organisational expertise among the Putzmeister employees around the world. With this programme Putzmeister aims to standardize basic and technical knowledges of workforces, strenghten communication and cooperation between the Putzmeister employees around the world and create sinergy.

In the scope of International Training Programme, Putzmeister employees are able to follow training programmes which varies one week to six months.

On May 2007, fifty two employees of Putzmeister Turkey, are attended to theoretical and practical trainings for three months in Putzmeister Germany plants.

Attending "International Training Programme" is available with the demand of branch manager and with the approvals of Human Resources Department and Putzmeister Academy .





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