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Stationary concrete pumps from Putzmeister

BSA 14000 Hochförderung in Dubai
The Putzmeister trailer concrete pumps are based on technical pioneer achievements. They keep attaining new records in high-rise and long-distance conveying - and have been doing so for over 40 years! 

Areas of application:

 Stationary Concrete Pumps BSA
BSA 1005 E
BSA 1005 E >>
BSA 1405 EEquipped with piston pump 1400 x 200 mm, Output up to 55 m³/h, pressure up to 106 bar (theor. max.)
BSA 1405 E >>
The all round machine for average performance ranges. Can be used for tunnel concreting.
BSA 1407 D
BSA 1407 D >>
The reliable allround concrete pump with diesel drive for medium sized job-sites
BSA 1408 E
BSA 1408 E >>
BSA 1409 D
BSA 1409 D GFK >>
The new generation BSA 1409 D in new design with modern plastic cover.
BSA 1412 D RFIdeal for piling with an effective output of 100 m³/h and steel crawler undercarriage
BSA 1412 D RF >>
The mobile concrete pump for large quantities
BSA 2108 HP EBSA 2108 HP E
BSA 2108 HP E >>
BSA 2109 H E
BSA 2109 H E >>
BSA 2109 H DOutput up to 95 m³/h with 91 bar or 57 m³/h with 152 bar
BSA 2109 H D >>
Always a good choice if high pressure and high performance is needed
BSA 2110 HP D
BSA 2110 HP D >>
The world-record setting long stroke concrete pump with high performance
BSA 14000 HP D
BSA 14000 HP D >>
BSA 14000 HP DEquipped with piston pump 2100 x 200 mm, Output up to 102m³/h, pressure up to 220 bar (theor. max.)
BSA 14000 HP D >>
The high performance pump for which there are almost no limits.
BSA 14000 SHP DEquipped with piston pump 2100 x 180 mm, Output up to 71 m³/h, pressure up to 400 bar (theor. max.)
BSA 14000 SHP D >>
The ideal pump for extreme jobsites for high-rise and long distance pumping.


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