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> SPM 4210 Wetkret

Sika PM 4210 tünel ve madenlerde, 10m dikey erişimli püskürtme kolu,
teleskopik açılma/kapanma, alçaltma/yükseltme ve dönüş hareketlerinde
operatöre büyük esneklik ve hız sağlar.

General Data

Length 7100 mm
Width 2000 mm
Height 2500 mm
Wheel base 3835 mm
Ground clearance
300 mm
Input angle
Output angle
Max. longitudinal gradient while driving 
Max. transversal gradient while driving 
Turning radius (outer) 6650 mm
Turning radius ( inner) 3950 mm

Spraying arm

Putzmeister SA 10.1 telescopic spraying arm
Maximum spraying reach vertical / horizontal 10 m / 8 m
Minimum unfolding section vertical / horizontal 2.5 m / 3.3 m
Number of arm extensions 4 sections (3 telescopic), proportional hydraulic drive
Telescopic stroke 4 m
Number of axles / degrees of freedom 6
Maximum arm angle +65º / -40º
Spraying Head
Rotation 360º
Inclination 240º
Nozzle DN 40
Spraying head 10º nutation
Lights 2 Xenon 24 V 45W spotlights

Concrete pump

Putzmeister concrete pump PM 1507
Type Double-piston, hydraulic drive
Max. flow (theor.) 20 m3/h (variable 4 - 20 m3/h)
Transport cylinder diameter 150 mm
Max. pressure (theor.) on concrete 65 bar
Max. aggregate size 16 mm
Electric motor power 37 kW
Power 400V 50 Hz, or 440V 60 Hz
Full hopper capacity 200 l
Filling height 1.300 mm
Spotlight 24 V/70 W

Additive pump

Additive pump – synchronized with concrete pumping
Adjustment range 50 – 600 l/h
Maximum working pressure 7.5 bar
Additive tank 400 l
Control system PLC


Putzmeister articulated off-road vehicle, 4-wheel drive
Engine Turbodiesel, 4 cylinders
Engine power 54.7 kW at 2,600 rpm
Engine emissions According to EU-Stage III A / EPA-Tier 3
Transmission Hydrostatic
Gearbox 2-speed in both directions
Steering Hydraulic, articulated steering
Traction 4 WD
Speed Max. 17 km
Braking system 4-wheel multi-disc service brakes in oil bath, negative parking brake with mechanical release
Working lights 4 x 24 V 70 W H3 halogen spotlights
Driver cabin FOPS/ROPS certified. Adjustable driver’s seat with mechanical suspension and safety belt
Oil tank 70 l
Electrical equipment 2 batteries, 12 V / 70 A
Diesel tank 65 l

Other components

High pressure water pump for cleaning
Max. pressure 140 bar
Flow 10.8 l/mm
Hose 15 m
Electric Compressor
Power 37 kW
Max. working pressure 7.5 bar
Max. air flow 6.5 m3/min (230 cfm)
Diesel Compressor
Power 54 kW
Max. working pressure 7,5 bar
Max. air flow 6.5 m3/min (230 cfm)
Cable reel
Operation Manual
Cable length 50 m / 100 m optional
Power 400 V 50 Hz, 440 V 60 Hz
Diameter 900 mm (50 m cable) / 1.000 mm (100 m cable)


Ansul fire extinguishing system, dual agent (powder)
Drive Manual, 6 diffusers
Tank 11.3 kg of dry powder
Full wheels for mining
Tyres MICHELIN X Mine D2 10.00 R 15
Rim size 7.5 x 15”
Catalytic converter (standard on dual drive version)
Max. reduction CO -90%; HC -80%; black smoke -30%
Particle Filter
Max. reduction CO: -90%; HC: 60-80%; black smoke/particles: -99%
Automatic lubrication system
Stainless steel control panel
Special low-profile hopper (1.150 mm)
Additional 50 m of cable
Special Voltages
Power  at 660 V 50/60 Hz, or at 1000 V 50/60 Hz 


* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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