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HR Processes


Recruitment process is performed in the direction of the headcount budget which is determined and approved by the Board of Directors in the beginning of the ye

Training & Development

As a developing and learning organisation, Putzmeister has a supportive structure in the faith of development of his employees.We implement internal and external training programmes to improve the technical knowledge and personal skills of our employe

Performance Management

Performance management system covers all processes regarding; the company targets to be adopted by the employees, to manage employee performances in the direction of company objectives, to follow up and evaluate employee performances, and to define develo

Career Planning

It is preferred to promote internal candidates for managerial positions, instead of having external recruitment process.The target of our career planning system is to provide promotion opportunities to the employees who has the potential, and to suppo

Compensation & Benefits

Our salary system is based on the salary grades which are determined according to the position groups and hierarchical structure within the company. Yearly


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